Serkan Toso

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  • International University of Japan
  • e-Business Management Master's Degree

Current organisation

TableCross Inc.

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Skills and Expertise

Information technology
Social entrepreneurship
Social media

Areas of interest

Youth Unemployment

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During my bachelor's degree studies at the University in Turkey, I worked in a youth association called Euro-Mediterranean Youth Association. I was able to get positions like the general secretary and vice-president of the association in my 4 years of experience as a social worker. There are many important issues around Europe and the World that we need to deal with such as youth unemployment, democracy, and racism. My aim was to create awareness among young people about these severe issues by working in a Non-Governmental Organization. For this purpose, I started looking for partnerships with different organizations around Europe and the Middle East to organize youth exchange projects for exchanging ideas and doing workshops to learn more about the issues and bring solutions. After four years of experience, I was able to send more than 100 Turkish university students to other European countries to join European youth exchange projects and broaden their horizons. After coming back from Europe, I also asked them to organize meetings in Turkey to share what they learned from the projects. I was also personally able to join 7 different projects in countries such as Germany, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, and Greece.