Jennifer Kamara

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Jennifer Kamara

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Chemical Engineering

I am passionate about

<p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Eliminating health inequity for vulnerable populations around the world. Containing the Ebola outbreak.</span></p>


<p>As founder of World Health Equity (WHE), I am fortunate to be working with a small but&nbsp;dedicated team to improve access to healthcare in vulnerable communities. Currently focusing on Sierra Leone, WHE partners with the Ministry of Health to establish a pilot clinic that brings access to healthcare for&nbsp;25,000 villagers. With medical services delivered to over 2,500 patients in the first year, the clinic is treating patients of preventable and curable diseases that used to cost lives.</p>

<p>With a team&nbsp;of dedicated researchers and medical doctors, I also work to improve maternal health outcomes in Sierra Leone and Ghana. I initiated and direct our maternal health program in Sierra Leone, driving a partnership between the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health, local NGOs, and the teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The life saving skills and trainings our program offer&nbsp;help address the lead&nbsp;cause of maternal death in Sierra Leone. In a country with the third highest maternal mortality rate in the world, it is remarkable that we have helped keep over 38&nbsp;mothers alive and counting in under&nbsp;a year. We are excited to rollout nationwide next.</p>

<p>I am additionally&nbsp;involved in the driving of two Ebola fundraisers that aim to facilitate&nbsp;containment of the outbreak. One is a global social media movement seeking support for Doctors Without Borders response efforts. The other is a targeted campaign by World Health Equity to supply protective wear for 100 health facilities covered in our&nbsp;maternal health program.</p>