Ruth Mwangi

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  • University of Sunderland, UK - Nairobi Regional Centre - Business Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (Hons)
  • Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) - Business Management; Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) - P.R.

Current organisation

Grassroots Economics & Garden of Hope Foundation

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Program Direcor

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Event planning
Public relations
Social entrepreneurship
Strategic planning

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about women empowerment, education for all and the advocacy for the rights of the girl child in Africa. I work as the program director at Grassroots Economics Foundation, which is in charge of the implementation of Community/Complementary Currencies in Africa and is concerned with the empowerment of businesswomen and businessmen living in informal settlements (slums), to take charge of their livelihoods and economic future. Small business owners in informal settlements depend on each other to purchase goods and services in order to meet their daily needs. During harsh economic times, businesses still have goods and services to trade yet lack a means of exchange (money). To provide this means of exchange, Grassroots Economics created Community/Complementary currencies which help small businesses (75% of which are owned and operated by women) in informal settlements, exchange their goods and services, even when they lack enough money due to poverty and economic downturns. I am also passionate about education for all, including children that live in informal settlements as well as rural/remote areas. Access to education is important, yes! So is the quality of education. I work with Bridge International Academies as a consultant, where I help design, test and coordinate camps that have so far helped improve the academic performance of students across 215 schools in Kenya. Lastly, I am involved in the empowerment and advocacy for the rights of the girl-child in our society through the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOHF), where I also serve as part of the board of directors. GOHF is a Community Based Organization (CBO) based in the heart of Kibera Slums, which provides information on Reproductive Health to teenage girls living in the slums of Kibera while using the provision of sanitary towels as a contact point. This program reaches a total of 1500 teenage girls from High Schools in Kibera slums as well as High Schools in Kitui, Samburu and Pokot.


Currently, with Grassroots Economics, our work with over 1000 SMEs has shown that people are better able to feed their families and stay in business even during stagnate markets. As a typical example, Marciana Oduor says, “I used to be without food because we wouldn’t have enough Kenyan Shillings, now I can eat even when I don’t have Kenyan Shillings because I still have the Community Currency to use.” ( I was also honoured to be part of the program designers for a Teenage Girl Programme that currently reaches 730 girls from 14 High Schools in Kibera slums; the largest slum in Sub-Saharan Africa. This program focuses on sensitizing, mentoring and empowering teenage girls, most of who have gone through tough and traumatizing experiences which include rape and loss of parents to HIV/AIDS. This programme meets a practical need for these girls through the provision of sanitary towels each month. I am also a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow (MWF) which is the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) that empowers outstanding young African leaders through leadership training, networking and academic coursework.