Samer Khan

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  • Sohar University- Mechanical & Mechatronics Enggr
  • Uni of Pittsburgh-Gold Medal leadership &civic eng

Current organisation

Mewar University & Keynovations

Current role

Assistant Director of Applied Research & Co-Founder

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Community management
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about


I have been the founder of various youth empowerment initiative groups. We have worked on child labor, youth unemployment, healthcare, environmental sustainability & more.

For the tremendeous work of my own startup company keynovations towards sustainable development, my team has been recognized during 11th FaF youth assembly at the UN as one of the 13 best greentech startups.


I have been awared various laureates from governments and non governmental organizations which recently included the government of Costa Rica and France inviting me as an advisor to the United Nations for an Environmental Sustainability Summit held in Costa Rica ( More details on

Apart from that the Governor of Al Bathina Region has also felicitated me for the work my team had been doing since few years in Oman over sustainable leadership empowerment 

With the Governor of Al Bathinah
Region , Oman on Twitpic At Leadership Summit in Egypt
during the protest of 2012 on Twitpic At Hesselbein Leadership Academy on Twitpic some words about green economy on Twitpic

Also during the Global Hessbein Leadership Summit at University of Pittsburgh I have been awarded Gold Medal for the selfless service towards global youth collaboration for sustainable development.

Below is a compilation video of one of the campaigns we recently organized towards encouraging the global citizens to speak their opinion and discuss about what is the scenario in their home country with respect to freedom of speech as without the rights of freedom of speech we can never achieve sustainable development as the stakeholders will never know about where and what needs to be improved and acted upon. Also another video which is our work in the City of Pittsburgh where we worked upon Quantatizing Social Capital . We have received a huge success in our work which can be seen in the following videos.

Futhermore i am also working with the United Nations on an Environment & Energy Advisory Role, Moderator for Online Consultancy Towards Establishment of a mechanism to have active involvement of Environmental Sustainability as a driver for the Post2015 agenda over the Millennium Development Goals.    

-Involving of youth in global discussions for their active participation & awareness in global topics       

As Results for all these works: 

-Developed a compendium over involving Environmental sustainability being an important driver to achieve the Post2015 Goals for the MDGs (Ref:

-Successfully ran the online global consultancy over role of private sector in environmental sustainability. (Reference: ;

- Wrote the summarized publication on : PEOPLE’S VOICES – ISSUE BRIEF to the SDG OPEN WORKING GROUP

I have attended various high level policy making gatherings across the globe and have succeded in an attempt to create an impact towards incorporation of the youth vioce as a means of policy making.