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  • Emily Carr University – Communication Design
  • +Acumen Course – Making Sense of Social Impact

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Greystone Books

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Graphic design
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Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about projects that deal with social and environmental justice. In the past few years, I have focused my research on sustainable development and have developed a strong interest in ideas regarding social, environmental and economic matters. More specifically, I am passionate about food, the industry behind it and finding ways to make it more sustainable. While completing my undergraduate degree I focused my research on sustainable food and designing ways to improve the system. As a creative person, I also have a passion for design, photography and literature.

As an individual, I am always striving to expand my knowledge base and enjoy absorbing new information. My current job at Greystone Books allows me to apply my expertise in editorial design to a broad range of non-fiction books about current affairs, sustainability, nature and travel. 

In the near future, I have plans to pursue a graduate degree in Sustainable Development, and aim to apply it as an entrepreneur. I want to study global food systems, but concentrate on finding solutions to improve the existing industry in my native country, Mexico. 

I believe in seeking inspiration from different cultures and through meeting new people. Travel has been the greatest source of my inspiration as is being surrounded by socially responsible people who share a passion and interest in finding ways to improve the world. Needless to say, I thrive on team work and optimism.

A fun fact: I am (arguably) the biggest Jamie Oliver fan on the planet, admiring his drive and dedication towards food education. It is through him that I found out about One Young World a couple of years ago!


I sucessfully crowd-funded my One Young World delegate fee through social media. I branded and directed an Indidegogo campaign and got an amazing reposnse from people. You can check it out here.

I have worked with a range of companies–from large to small-–that focus on sustainable solutions. I have also collaborated with fantastic individuals trying to prompt positive change in their communities.

In 2011 I worked for Powertech Labs, a clean energy consulting company, where I conducted primary and secondary qualitative design research on household energy consumption. During this position I also contributed to Powertech’s electric vehicle program and their branding. I was able to work with business and marketing experts, engineers and designers, from whom I learned a lot about clean energy and its growing industry.

I have also had the opportunity to conceptualize and art-direct a video for The Goodforks Inc., a local start-up company that supports sustainable food systems and advocates savvy consumerism to create healthier and happier communities. The mission, values and the great energy from the people involved, fuelled my passion for sustainable food and for design, making this one of the most rewarding collaborations I have been a part of.

On a different note, I recently branded The Little Mountain Film, an activist media project and fundraising campaign. Filmmaker David Vaisbord started the Little Mountain Film to support members from Vancouver’s oldest and most successful social housing complex, when the BC government embarked on an aggressive plan to demolish it. Our collaboration has grown stronger during the last 3 years due to our shared interests in social change and community engagement. On May 9th, 2014 we launched a crowdsourcing campaign to fund the documentary film that will share the story of a community that fought against the violation of human rights and the current housing crisis in Vancouver.

As a designer I tend to create personal projects that are sparked by my interest in sustainable food. I conceptualized a publication that would expose young adults to current perspectives and discussions regarding the food we eat and the industry behind it. I also created a video campaign to promote the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets and the growing interest around local food in our city. Please visit my website to see more examples of my personal and professional projects.

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