Poonam Mukkatira Thimmaiah

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Poonam Mukkatira Thimmaiah

Utah State University (Master of Engineering)

I am passionate about

<p>I am passionate about bringing change in the lives of people because I believe everyone deserves a chance in life, an equal opportunity to life&#39;s basic necessities including education. I am particularly interested in women empowerment issues and education of underpreviledged&nbsp;kids. I love India and all that it has to offer, enjoy traveling and the experiences that come with it.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Co-Founder of <a href="http://www.climbagainstsexualabuse.com/">Climb Against Sexual Abuse</a>, a initiative which aims to break the silence on sexual violence and undo the stigma that is associated with it.&nbsp;</p>


<p><span>Board member of a non profit organization called <a href="http://shlokfoundation.org/">Shlok</a&gt;. Shlok&rsquo;s mission is to impart educational programs to children in semi urban/rural government run schools. Our foundation is currently collaborating with educational researcher Dr. Sugata Mitra in his vision to change the traditional way of teaching which is not reaching all our underprivileged masses.&nbsp;</span></p>