Daisuke Ishii

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  • Ph D the University of Tokyo, Protein Physics
  • MSc the University of Tokyo, Material Chemistry

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Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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Judging high-school students’ policy debate tournaments. Every year in Japan a national debate tournament is held for high-school students under the English policy debate format. Various social topics such as immigration or death penalty will be argued between the pros and cons, and I take part in this activity as a judge, who listens to the speeches from both sides, make a decision, and provide feedback of the round. Recent change of our daily environment does affect this activity; for instance in order to deliver a persuasive presentation, evidence-based arguments are essential, and recently almost all information can be collected through PC or a mobile phone, whereas 20 years ago students retreated to libraries and spent all day facing the stacks and literatures. This may be a needless fear due to generation gap, but sometimes I sense something superficial within the arguments and communications during the round, and this may be due to such changes where convenience outweighed getting stuffs with your five senses. From such aspects I provide feedbacks to students based on such historical changes so that they may realize the balancing of classical and modern.