Burak Kocamis

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Burak Kocamis

Bogazici University

I am passionate about

I am interested in the interaction between politics and economy. Climate change, energy policies, urban politics, multinational corporations and the digital disruption, are among my particular interests. My home country, Turkey, means great deal to me along with a dream of unified Europe. I am currently studying for a Master of Arts degree in Political Economy and working on self-enterprised microblogging project to raise the awareness among under-30, educated, globally interested young people about upcoming social, economic and political disruptions.


I have participated in voluntary poll observation activities in Turkey's recent elections. I have been on the executive board of the Engineering Society in Bogazici University for 2 years, promoting entrepreneurship, innovative business, and international interaction. On the other hand, I am trying to reach as many people as possible on Twitter by my ideas on the current political affairs. http://twitter.com/burakkocamis