Thinzar Shunlei Yi

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Thinzar Shunlei Yi

Yangon University of Education

I am passionate about

I inspire to create a better world where young people can live within peace, dignity and freedom. I am fostering initiatives where young people can experience peace inside out and stand up for defending their rights through peer to peer education. I'm actively involved in youth-led and youth-focused activities since i was 17 and have experiences in community mobilizing, interfaith, event organizing, facilitation, governance, youth development and peace works. Youth voices need to be heard in policy level and youth make authorities be accountable with their promises and ask commitments not just words, but on PAPERs for young people. Youth are seen as threats to nation in previous military regime in my country. Youth voices and their roles were neglected for many decades. Youth potential is limitless in practical. A country's future is decided and foreseen by its investments on young population. Thus, we are asking Myanmar Government a commitment on young people in a form of national youth policy.

It is also very important to nurture peace inside ourselves first to inspire others. So, we are peace makers and we will end the world's longest civil war in our generations. WE ARE PEACE GENERATION !


Thinzar Shunlei Yi’s focus is on youth development and dialogue. She is a Yangon Region Coordinator of National Youth Congress that organized ASEAN Youth Forum 2014 in Yangon University, 2nd Myanmar Youth Forum 2014 and 3rd Myanmar Youth Forum 2016 in cooperation with Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement. NYC works for the development of National Youth Policy, youth participation in Peace Process, Electoral Process, advocacy for youth engagement in policy making process through youth forums and youth networks. She is also an Advocacy Coordinator working with Action Committee for Democracy Development (ACDD) for Local Governance, Peace and Federalism around the country with grassroots activists. In 2014, she helped organize the ASEAN Youth Forum, and held a highly successful UN International Youth Day celebration reaching thousands of young people and raising awareness on mental health issues,civic engagement and sustainability in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Thinzar is an organizer of the diversity campaign #myfriend, and seeks to combat intolerance and extremism in Burma, particularly through the voices of youth. The campaign brought young people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds together online as friends in support of peace and diversity in advance of national elections and garnered significant local and international media attention. She is also an active member of the first-ever Ambassador’s Youth Council at U.S. Embassy Rangoon, which meets monthly to advise the Ambassador on youth perspectives and needs in Burma. She is honoured and awarded as one of the ten Emerging Young Leaders by U.S Department of States in 2016.ϖ She is a “Delegate Speaker” for opening panel “Youth, Peace and Security” at One Young World attended by 1300 youth from 196 countries held in Ottawa, Canada in September, 2016.