Ahlem Nasraoui

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  • Coady International Institute Canada -Saint Mary's college Notre dame University USA -Higher institute of languages Tunisia
  • gender studies ,negotiation and fundraising ,project management ,international exposure ,public speaking ,policy making ,consulting ,community management
  • fellowship in business management Sweden ,Fellowship in UK in policy processing ,Fellowship in DC the white House "gender empowerment ,Public policy in Harvard university ,stakeholder steering committee in UN new York,Policy manager in the World Bank

Current organisation

Young Leaders Entrepreneurs

Current role


Skills and Expertise

International relations
Social entrepreneurship
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Interfaith Dialogue
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about uplifting marginalised youth as I was once. Coming from an overlooked region in terms of fair regional development and lack of opportunities for youth inspired me to invest my passion on creating a sustainable and a resilient community based on exploring its local economies and resources and creating synergies within its mapped private and public stakeholders. I try through my organisation Young Leaders Entrepreneurs (https://www.facebook.com/Young-Leaders-Entrepreneurs-489829577717734/) to challenge the infrastructure restrictions and environments through the Unleash Tunisia venture Bus which is a national Bus touring the country to coach youth about entrepreneurship by providing technical and real field-visits to discover the hidden opportunities in the surrounding start-ups and ecosystems. As a head of research in a renowned creative communication agency, I have blended my passion with active projects to empower youth against the extremist narrative by providing them with capacity building programs, hackathons and mentorship programs like: She start-up which modelled gender-based concepts and entrepreneurship to teach women how to sustain themselves through creation of their own businesses and networking with investors. Added to that, initiating key projects like the Peace Innovation Lab was a feature of my yearning to provide youth and grassroots with a national program for prevention of radicalization and terrorist brainwash through pushing youth to create IT solutions for countering violent extremism.Overall, my passion stems from inspiring the rising youth leaders and preparing them to foster a peaceful and resilient community where opportunities are shared equally especially in terms of eliminating violence, clandestine immigration and other forms of lack of identity that pushes the Tunisian youth to quit.


I have engaged in blogging scheme work to change the narrative of how African women especially Tunisian women perceive themselves as being ugly; This fat shaming was analysed by me and my organisation Young Leaders Entrepreneurs to study the psychological.I started a campaign entitled " I AM ENOUGH; to deconstruct both the slut shaming and fat shaming into a system of ethos where women value themselves and their truly Who are they.After the successful One Billion Rising event where 5000 women danced on Break the chain song to celebrate their womanliness, I have designed the successful event She Can which is a TED format conference hosting successful and inspirational women leaders. We had more than 1500 audience from civil society stakeholders to watch out this newly concept of creating a platform for women to express their insecurities, and construct a gender equality based values and appreciation for female leadership in a society structured by socially and culturally constructed gender-based inequalities, violence and patriarchy. Following that, I have launched a national accelerator program named SHE STARTUP to mentor 4000 women coming from the poorest regions in Tunisia on how to become entrepreneurs. They were equipped with the necessary skills on how to manage a business.my work themed also around a the-political representation of women in Tunisia. She Leads Movement bridged understanding of how to mentor women affiliated to political parties. I have founded also the Unleash Tunisia Venture bus which is a national wide based Bus touring the country to coach newly graduates on how to hunt jobs and create start-ups by attending our workshops in the bus and visiting local success stories. Not to forget, the peace lab which is the first educational incubator in the country to educate youth about the danger of extremism and violent groups through IT solutions and capacity building programs.