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Vjola Thoma

University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics

I am passionate about

Firstly, one of my greatest passions is helping other people and making a difference in their lives. This passion of mine has arisen since I was in elementary school, and it came to the point where I founded the non-governmental organization A Woman in Power. The NGO aims to empower women and youth in Albania and implement innovative projects.
Secondly, I love doing sports. I go to the gym three times a week and exercise myself to keep my body fit and my mind fresh. Sports makes me let all the negative energy go away, so I'm left with positive thoughts and idea to share with others.
Thirdly, I love travelling and networking with like-minded people. I've visited Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Croatia, Kosovo etc. The experiences have helped me realize how the Balkans cultures differ from one place to an other and broaden my network.
Fourthly, I love books. When I was in high school I started my own blog, where I shared my own novels such as: Melody, Dhurata e Zhaklines, Krishtlindjet e Fundit(The Last Christmas), Teodora, Lufta e Marias, and poems. The blog had 100k followers and I realized that people liked my stories, but most importantly I found out that I wanted to decline the reality in order to create my own reality.
To sum up, I am passionate about life itself and want to make the best out of any opportunity. I am aware of the energy I hold inside me and that is the reason why I love sharing it with others. To me, sharing is caring!


My first initiative towards making a change started with a social media group I founded to network with other like-mined Albanian youth. It was named "We can change our Albania" and ever since served as a tool to inform each-other about protesting against some of the Albanian governments affairs, student's rights etc. There were 6000 members in the group, so the impact was huge, actually.
While doing my studies, I volunteered for the Career Center at the University of Tirana, where I helped to provide national and international opportunities to students for them to advance their professional career.
Two years ago, I was selected to serve as an intern by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. I served as the project manager and also contributed to the 'No Hate Speech Movement". I also cooperated with the United Nations Women as the National Director of the "He For She" campaign.
In 2013, I co-founded the non-governmental organization A Woman in Power, whose aim is to empower young women and youth. Throughout the years we have implemented several activities to fulfill our potential. For example, Breaking Stereotypes Program built bridges between youth of the Balkans in order for them to connect and discuss about the most pressing issues of our respective communities. Another activity we have organized is Albania's Next Leader Program which was attended by 150 participants and the aim was for these young people to compete based on their leadership skills, so they could also improve themselves. Furthermore, A Woman in Power has also organized the Albanian Book Club. Every week, the most famous Albanian writers come close to young people to discuss about their work and raise awareness about the importance of reading to a generation of young people which is becoming more and more attracted to social media. I have also organized the Women Entrepreneurship Day at the University of Tirana. Successful entrepreneur Albanian women shared their experience to students