Haragirimana Leis Bruel

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  • Lake Tanganyika University
  • Political Sciences and International Relations
  • DiverseCity onBoard Governance Training Program at Ryerson University

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Youth Building in Synergy to end Poverty

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Human rights

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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In Burundi, the phenomenon of street children became more pronounced in 1994 during the war that ravaged the country. Despite the end of the war, the phenomenon of street children is not stopped and even trivialized because of the low socio-economic level of Burundian households, lack of government policy for the rehabilitation of street children, disinterestedness of the general population with respect to this problem. Burundi is a country that went through a cycle of violence and civil war. The civilian casualties and property damage caused are often seen as the only consequences of the strife. Unfortunately, Burundians focus only on the immediate collateral damages caused by the war, and not those impacts that will come to bear in the future. A primary example of this is the street children phenomenon and poverty. Would it be wise to deliberately ignore the damages that eventually turn into time bombs ? The "Feed A Child" project wants to bring back the problem of street children at the center of the preoccupations of youth in Burundi.


In addition to the standard programming of “Feed a Child”, we have also organized the following special activities for the street children. Among the largest, we could mention "Solidarity with displaced of Site Sabe" which took place in the summer of 2012. 342 families benefited from our assistance via this program. More about the project organized by YBSP on our blog: www.ybspfamily.blogspot.com ! In May 2014, I started the project "Feed a Child." The project consists to identify street children in the city of Bujumbura and helps them to leave the street and go back to school. Over the past two years, for example, Christmas parties were held. Last year, over a hundred street children got to see Santa for the first time, and he came with gifts of clothes for each and everyone of them. Children hospitalized in one of Bujumbura’s public hospital were also visited and given presents. In 2013, when torrential rains completely destroyed some of Bujumbura’s poor neighbourhoods, including many homes of the street children, a fundraising campaign was organised to help those who had lost property and loved ones.