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Juan Bol

EARTH University

I am passionate about

Rural development with the focus on Sustainable agriculture and the provision of quality education has always been my passion, specifically in getting Indigenous youths involved into more positive and prosperous activities utilizing the resources within their surroundings. A passion with a vison of getting youths and farmers involved in decision making and planning that can lead creative minds into the development of entrepreneurial initiative leading to self-employment.

Belize is an underdeveloped country in Central America with an estimated population of about three hundred thousand citizen deriving from a diverse cultural background. It is a country with abundant resources however with limited human resources that are able to take the challenging of educating and developing the country in a more sustainable manner. One of the present major challenges within the country is the growing percentage of uneducated youths resulting into high crime rates thus having a negative impact to society.

Toledo is one district within the country that lacks proper infrastructural developments that hinders it habitants to markets and innovative entrepreneurial approaches. Besides a high number of it habitants are uneducated thus making it a challenge to open opportunities to youths. Whereas the prosperity and development of the future depends on the younger generation rural communities are in need of development strategies that can support and help realize sustainable development.

Hence the reason it is important and has been one of my foreseen solutions that rural development initiatives involving agriculture, which is one of the major activities that is conducted in the area, and technical education is important. However in a manner, in having its citizens involved in the planning and execution of project, as they are the one that knows their needs. Development strategies that can help create entrepreneurial projects and address negative activities within society.


I have developed over the years reasonable and representative capacities that has engaged me to try and resolve pressing issue in my surrounding, community, to make viable opportunity for disadvantage youths and families. I am very active and creative in university and community activities seeking solutions to issues that in my view is relevant for youths to have a very adaptive and productive opportunity that contribute to personal developments. With this vision, I was able with other likeminded individuals for example start a mentoring program for EARTH University. This program has seen some impactful results where mentors can challenge their leadership capacity and mentees to have a smoother adaptation to university lifestyle at a university that is multicultural.

The most successful initiative established as a Give back project is the formation of project entitled Program of Opportunities, Development & Ethical Entrepreneurship a developing Non-Governmental fully functional in Southern Belize. PODER beneficiaries are youths from rural communities in southern Belize benefitting from secondary school book grants, teamwork and leadership trainings, and mentoring, educational, technical and capacity building sessions. PODER in its first project phase have brought changes and smiles to several families.