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Ha Lam

University of Social Sciences and Humanities

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People travel for lots of reasons: either an escape from the real world, or immersion in diverse cultures, etc. What do travelers want to get the most out of their ventures when leaving the comforts of their homes?
For me, the experiences with the locals are what I treasure and enjoy the most. These people know their cities inside and out, and are full of unique stories that can’t be heard elsewhere. Also, each one of them, with different expertise and characteristics, offers a generous range of unmatched experiences. Some can show you the exciting city life, while others are passionate about local traditions and customs, “do what the locals do”. That's why motivate me to found Triip.me since Feb 2013 and running Triip.me up to now.
Triip.me which allows anybody with a tour idea to create a limitless number of unique tours rooted in personal travel experiences and local knowledge. These personalized itineraries can then be sold to interested tourists. Once a tour is paid for, Triip distributes 90 percent of the earnings to the tour guide and retains 10 percent to support is operations. The site not only promotes local entrepreneurship but fosters greater cultural awareness. We knew from first-hand experience the challenges people face in arranging an itinerary and exploring culture in a truly authentic way. In other ways, Triip.me takes advantage of crowdsourcing for the best local experiences by local experts in the world.


Within 3 years since we launched (Feb 2013), Triip.me attracted more than 22,000 members, resulting in 6,000 tours/experiences spanning 98 countries and 635 cities in the world, helping local people not only to share local culture to travellers but also make profit to preserve their culture, develop and encourage other people in community to do it so—and it’s expanding more every day. We hope to bring local experiences to travellers and make travellers feel safe, and always have local friends at the city, country they travel to share travel experiences. memories and help. Triip.me can change the way people travel all over the world. It's not only help travellers to maximise their experiences, minus stress, scam, but also help local people to share and preserve culture, empower economy.
We also help local experts/tour operators in Bhutan, one of the countries in our platform- to promote and attract more travellers come to Bhutan- within 2 months in June and July 2016 (low season in Bhutan)- our local experts in Bhutan, get about $110,000 revenue. Bhutan is as a case study for our strategic growth- we gonna help more local experts, community in developing countries.

We have our WikiTriip application on Apple Store to help travellers with world travel information with over 50,000 downloads, this is Wikipedia Application for Travel and it's all free. It's one of the ways we help travellers to plan their trips easier and get more information, understand more about the place they gonna visit.