Vernesta Isidore

Country representing

Saint Lucia




  • University of the West Indies open campus, saint Lucia (not completed) part time.
  • A Levels at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (History, Sociology and Literature. CXC in 7 subjects. Bachelors in Social work which is not complete.

Current organisation

Dennery North Constituency Council

Current role

Administrative Assistant

Skills and Expertise

Event planning

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict

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Your response to this question will be viewable on your One Young World Profile I have created positive changes in my community and country at large. I initiated a Cleanup Campaign in my district during last Year which was very effective in combating the dengue fever and chikungunyia epidemic. These epidemics were taking up a toll on persons lives withing the communities due to the cleaning habits and therefore persons were advice to remove all bulky waste at and near their homes which can breed mosquitoes. The Ministry of Health and Solid Waste Management was on board with me and it took us three days passing from community to community to remove waste at people's homes and sensitize them about the diseases. There has been a major decrease in infected persons from this campaign and it is a practice i have planned to continue every six months. Also, in my community I have taken up the leading role in doing fundraising activities like football and cricket Rama to ensure that the club is always up and running since it serves as a pillar for the community. The community is forever active since the club is well functioning. At a national level, I am a youth parliamentarian and debator where we discuss the issues that affects us youth and possible solutions that can be initiated to the Government. It is appalling that our suggestions are taken into consideration. Youth Parliament educate young people about the challenges they face and ways in which they can overcome these challenges. Many persons look forward to Youth Parliament every year since we speak on behalf of youth. Moreover, I have been part of many programmes to name a few; St Lucia Leader's Summit Camp, BILD programme, Fun and Sports Day, Ecumenical Service, etc. I donate my time to whatever organisation that needs it as long as it is in the best interest of young people.