Yael Estefania Henkel

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  • Universidad La Salle Pachuca
  • Architect

Current organisation

Aparato Arquitectonico / Casa Voluntaria / Moralba -Chocolate del ParaĆ­so-

Current role

Project Building Manager / Co-founder / Founder

Skills and Expertise

Human rights
Resource management
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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Before finishing my studies in Architecture, I started working for a building company that specialised in social housing development. The first thing I did there was supervise construction site. When time passed and I got more experience, I got to have an opinion on the design process. I saw this as an opportunity to give more habitable space to otherwise small houses: it wasn't only about making it functional and economically feasible, but making homes for the people that would live there (adding characteristics that would allow more light in, better ventilation, better organisation). It may not sound like much, but working for building companies and getting to implement these kind of changes means a battle in itself; they tend to put numbers first. I have contributed with urban design and use of resources insight in my city, by presenting proposals to the Urban Public Agency at Municipality and State levels, and also by continually participating in public consulting events also organised by this Agency. An active member of WorldMeritOrg global platform, last year I was a facilitator for the UN SDG2 group at their Merit360 program, which delivered Action Plan 001 at the UN Headquarters on September 2016. Last but not least, as the result of the earthquakes that shook my country last September, along with fellow architects and engineers, launched Casa Voluntaria (Volunteering House) with the main purpose of putting together a network of voluntary design to give reconstruction solutions in vulnerable places through a common platform. We align to dignified space and community resilience values, especially on the mid and long term.