Abeer Abu Ghaith

Country representing

Palestinian Territory, Occupied




  • Palestine Polytechnic University
  • Computer Systems Engineering

Current organisation

MENA Alliances Inc.

Current role


Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I have dedicated my career to bringing the market to the talent in Palestine and as an experienced ICT entrepreneur and creative problem solver, I developed a deep, demonstrated commitment to facilitating economic empowerment for the youth and women of the region by established my own startup, StayLinked, in 2013. The hands on experience I have gained thru the development of an online freelancing/outsourcing/Microwork model with demonstrated quality assurance has brought over 300 jobs in the last 2 years to Palestinians, as well as given me invaluable exposure to the realities of the employment paradox we face. Furthermore, I have been working on several programmes that are all focused on advancing opportunities for youth and women to actively participate in public advocacy, economic empowerment, and political processes. When I served as the country director of the Women’s Campaign International (WCI) and their flagship programme, ALWANE (My Colours), I worked at both the national and regional levels, leading and motivating a team of more than 35 youth, volunteers, and activists in Palestine. My work included several efforts to increase women’s participation in the labour market and decision-making positions; supporting youth and women’s employment and entrepreneurship; initiating advocacy campaigns through using innovative technology; and increasing youth and women’s Internet and computer literacy. During the course of the past two years, I have led the training sessions for more than 2,000 graduates and students on social media, employment, and entrepreneurship in urban and marginalized area. In addition to my work in StayLinked, I have worked as Career Guidance Supervisor at the Center of Entrepreneurship and Career Development, where more than 1000 students and graduates received career advises.