One Young World Profile #29952

Jean Paul Nshimirimana

Hope africa University

I am passionate about

I am so passionate about Civic Leadership and activism as I had always dreamed of being a Servant Leader. I personally view this walk of life as the only way through which Man can successfully create an ideal authentic community and make the world a better place to be. As matter of fact, a part from the courses I had on Leadership at the University, I had also been awarded a certificate on Servant Leadership. I decided to engage in this field so that I may be able to proffer my contribution to the generations of educated and uneducated young people in my community to become compassionate, entrepreneurial and engaged citizens who are empowered to take responsibility for their own lives and for making a difference in our country where youth are always neglected or put off for later. In a nutshell , I strongly believe that this is the right time to get highly skilled in this field of civic leadership in order to broadly engage in civil organizations with one aim to identify , analyze , collaborate , address and solve pressing societal needs and common shared problems for the betterment of our communities. That is my motivation behind.


In march 2014,the applicant founded a Radio program called Future Leaders Radio program under Youth Empowerment and Leadership Initiative in partnership with the US Embassy in Burundi in the promotion of English, Youth leadership and other developmental Projects. With this radio program, I succeeded to reach many Burundian youth from Bujumbura city as far as countryside with one mission to awaken youth to self-reliance, awareness, confidence and be catalyst for positive change in the society. Through this radio initiative, I happen to host in the studio youth or speakers who are already successful in different walk of live to come and inspire those who are still staying aloof or idle .I therefore invite experts in this or that particular field which is youth-related with one aim to effectively outreach and impact as many youth as possible. As I am writing this essay, I am doing my part as a citizen to also help the Batwa Community (marginalized, isolated and discriminated pigmies of Burundi representing 2% of the country`s population) for self-empowerment. A team of 30 Batwa Youth who had not had the chance to finish their studies due to lack of means to finish their studies so that they may be able to interact with others and also able to know their rights and responsibilities as part of Burundian Citizens and defend their place in the community. That why I decided to teach them English and coach them on the 7 Habits of Leadership as my contribution to youth empowerment and helping them to feel integrated in the society that seems to be rejecting them. Due to my contribution to youth empowerment, I had been honored on several occasions invited to go and speak to other Youth from different youth group focus or English clubs to share about my experiences and testimonies and inspire them to be catalyst for positive change in the country.