Philip Cole

Country representing

Sierra Leone




  • London Metropolitan University
  • LLB Law Hons

Current organisation

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects

Current role

Executive Director

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about


When I accepted the role of Executive Director of LNP, I did so understanding that it would be a long-term commitment. There was a lot of hard work involved in restructuring the work that had disintegrated since my father passed away. But I am so proud to now stand alongside the guys that grew up in the home that my family established during the war. 80% of the Senior Management Team are ex-child soldiers. We currently operate a home for vulnerable children and young people, 4 schools, a vocational technical skills training programme. We are working with farmers to increase crops yield and quality, helping rural small-holders to move out of poverty caused by subsistence farming, whilst facilitating meaningful community development. We are also using this to get young people involved in farming, and stem the flow of urbanisation by providing job options in the sector. We continue to operate three social enterprises focused on providing employment and resources to the non-profit work of the organisation with view to long-term sustainability. I work to make sure that the values we operate by as an organisation are present in all our decision making processes, our legacy and every way in which we interact with our stakeholders at a local, national and international level. These are: Serving the community, Teamwork, Excellence, Accountability, Don’t turn a blind eye, and Integrity. We have seen some remarkable improvements in the lives of our beneficiaries. Take one example, Aminata, aged 25. Previously, Aminata worked as a hawker, earning only 40,000 Leones a month. She was accepted onto the Building and Construction vocational training. As part of the training we helped Aminata secure a placement with a Construction Company, which turned into a permanent position. Aminata is now employed and earns 550,000 Leones, monthly. She says “I’m much better, not having to sleep with a man to get money. I save money and have a future. I’m now independent"