Fabier Mena Mena

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Fabier Mena Mena

University of Costa Rica

I am passionate about

The most important in my life is to represent the native peoples of Costa Rica, in different areas, like a nature, culture, economics and social.

I am a proud member to represent my native culture, and i will to change some paradigms in the sociality.
My main commitment is to strengthen and save my culture; because i would like to give an inheritance for my children.

What is the change you want to do ?, the first to express this vision I called "The Dreamer, told me that never reach this goal; because my village is a messy and did not know work "; expression that today motivates me and which has great significance for all that until today we have achieved.
Specifically, the change you want is to reform the complete picture of a people and a nation; rearrange my people with a development plan that includes us, where we change the vision of people and we place a seed in the minds of the children, breaking social paradigms and giving the true value of what it means; be an original.
It is no secret that is complicated but it is something which is not impossible and we must work from now to see results in the future. Personally sorry to not fully devote to this, but I feel that with the grain of sand that are contributing and is a big win for indigenous peoples.


I would like to contextualize the past to understand the future, I am going to give you some information about Quitirrisí indigenous territory.
Quitirrisí has a population of 1965 people, only 999 people were recognized as indigenous and only 15 people have knowledge of our cultural practices.

we have many issues, like: social, political, environmental, economic, cultural, among others. The rutin never change, and we need changes in that situation.

That's why my plan of life is my children inherit a nation which is proud, people who do not feel embarrassed when people say they are originating.

the new generations needs to defending their fundamental rights, working for your people and all indigenous peoples are taken into account in the sociality. For this reason, I will work every day to achieve this goal.

But, how to do what has never been done?:
1. environmental issues: we have worked on reforestation, we planted 2500 trees and we are expected to reach 25,000 in 2020.
2. economically and culturally we are promoting the development of local crafts producers. In addition, tourism development is vital in the area, a project that is under development.

3. We are doing research on our culture Huetar, supported by the UCR, University of Bergen of Noruega.
4. Politics: we are working with a group of people who want to make the change, but they are not always the same people; is a group of people selected and specialists in each of the areas. We are including young hand with professional experience of the elderly.
What is the change you want to do?
Specifically, the change you want is to reform the complete picture of a people and a nation.