Malefu Rampai

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South Africa




  • Central University Of Technology
  • National Diploma Electrical Engineering

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Technical Sales Support

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Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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2. How have you helped to create positive change in your community, country or organization? In 2009 the UN General Assembly declared Madiba's birthday on 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day, a global call to action to change the world for the better through the kind of service and leadership championed by Mr. Mandela. But it is more than just 67 minutes of doing well on Madiba's birthday. All South African's are encouraged to get involved through whatever action lies closest to their hearts. Mandela Day is not simply and acts of charity, but a commitment in achieving sustainable improvement in our communities. The actual amount of time doesn’t matter as much as the helping others out, going to old age home and helping out the elders, we bath them, clean the entire environment and play around with them, actually spending the day with them really gives them joy. In my church we donate the clothes that we no longer use and we hand them over to the church authorities who do give them out to the less fortunate.Positive change has not only stopped in my community. Within my organization, we have young aspiring Engineers who seek knowledge as well as guidance. I have upheld myself as an ambitious young lady which indirectly influences my peers. My country, South Africa, is one that is currently struggling with a high unemployment rate. My qualities are a good example or young ladies to show them that through hard work, they too can strive for greatness against all odds. In the past, women were not seen as equals compared to men, but the platform that my organization helps me to create a positive change by showing that woman are as capable to men. This I achieve by instilling a very high element of diligence, a passion for every challenge I face and the willingness to grow.