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Joshua Savieti

Southseas Film and TV School

I am passionate about

I am very passionate about our Pacific people being able to have equal opportunities to the rest of the world, especially in the Creative Arts areas. I have been living in Tonga for the last 5 years now and it has been an eye opening experience.

Since I had decided to bring this programme/ organization to Tonga, I started to witness and understand how oppressed our people had become. They lived in freedom and were people of joy but mentally they were missing out on alot.
Our team had decided that we can use power of arts to reach out to our young people and instill messages of hope, drive, determination and then opportunities that they would be able to access the very same avenues that were available to to people who lived in 1st world countries.

Since starting this organization in 2010 it has become one of the most recognizable NGO's in the Kingdom.
We target mostly at risk youth as we believe those who have slipped through the cracks are more suited towards the creative arts avenue.

We have been working towards building a youth centre that would supply programs and needs for those in the Kingdom as well as the Pacific.


Our organization specifically focuses on Youth and Creatives. In 2010 we had come over as a team to unite existing artists within Tonga and provide a platform where they can showcase and then network and build an industry.
After debriefing in 2011 we had decided that there were not enough people to unite and build this Creative Industry so we decided to design ICON Creative Tonga as a development programme that will focus on developing their creative gift and young people as a whole (Holistic living).

In 2011 the development programme started with the main theme of our org. which is IDENTITY. We believe that this theme is very key in the personal development of ones self. You must not base it off how people think of you but of how you see and accept who you are. That is something that is liberating for our people in our programmes.

Since making this change we have been working with over 100 youth per year within Tonga, creating overseas opportunities to perform, showcase, teach classes and upskill. Key leaders had been chosen to travel to Auckland on a dance scholarship aswell as a team to Brisbane to perform to an audience of over 10,000 people where they could share about Tonga at a New Years Eve celebration in Brisbane.

These opportunities have taught our leaders many things that empowered them to come back and to deposit into the youth in Tonga exactly what was deposited in them.