Isabelle Djuimou

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Djuimou kengne Isabelle Ange

University of Wales

I am passionate about

I am passionate about altruism. From my little experience on this earth I realized that helping others, or being concerned for the welfare of others gives me an incredible satisfaction.

i love interacting with people, learning different cultures, dealing with different behaviors and attitudes, and understand how do they perceive the word.

More important is i like to be a listening ear of people who asked my advice; i love to provide support whether by gestures, words or deeds, because it makes me feel like i am having positive contribution in the lives of others. I believe that if given the positive, you get positive.

I believe in karma and I'm convinced that nature always finds a way to make us reap what we sow.

So I wish to, in everything I do, always remind myself that every action, every gesture, every word has a positive or negative impact on my environment and the people around me and therefore the joy of giving, the pleasure of giving, are my motivations.


i have consecutively been the Customer service manager and sales manager of my organisation. this has helped me to truly beleive on my teaching, coaching and leadership capacities.

Studies say that 60% of the customer who are willing to leave our company do leave because of the indifference of one of the employee and more important is, it costs five to ten times as much to generate business from new customers as it does to get more business from existing customer.

Hence i have put a lot of effort on service excellence and high quality customer care. i have started by teaching the customer service basics, from how to respond efficiently to an email to how to handle a complain.

And the more the team were gaining confidence in their capabilities, the more i was developping their skills and effectiveness through delegation of task and authority, coaching and mentoring.

these actions have led to an outstanding performance of our company during those years. the team were delivering.