Ana Maria Castro Monzon

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Ana Maria Castro Monzon

Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

I am passionate about

I’m passionate with my profession that its architecture and since I started studying I been engaged with all the projects and activities that involves the community and the poorest people of the city, I’m always looking how to make different and new projects to improve their homes, education and way of living. I believe that in Countries like México where I live , are more the number of people that lives in poverty that the people that live with all the facilities, and in this countries is where young people need to work to balance this way of living , where all the habitants of the country have at least their human rights complete.
I think that what moves me is to make activities and projects for the community and the power of believing, I’m convince that when we truly believe in people and we have faith good things start happening, and all of our actions are aimed for what we really want to make a better community, society, and world.


I was doing several things in my state that is Sonora, México. While I was studying architecture, I had the opportunity to lead 70 University students and me to build a house of a family completely free, we make a project and alliance with several private companies that supplied the materials , with the government that help us with permissions and with my school that let me work with another students like me. We built the house for this family and the most important is that we could show to the community how we can help another people by working together even we didn’t know how to use all the materials and tools at the beginning.
Also I lead a project named street store here in my community where we could help more the 700 hundred homeless, with one event organized by 200 hundred volunteers and more than 50 private companies that helped. This was for me a very exciting experience because we could have the opportunity to help 700 hundred homeless with a complete outfit, which included jeans, t-shirt, shoes and underwear. And also a haircut and basic cleaning stuff. This event that I lead we made it in the central plaza of the city and was a massive union of all kind of people of the city, for all the organizers that participate was a moving experience because we could see all the needs of the poorest people of our community and also the homeless felt very happy and helped because they choose their own outfit like they were in a real store.
Actually I work In an organization in a project of water harvesting in my city , Obregón and Sonora my state is located in the dessert and in the past years we have started to suffer because of the needs of water , especially Obregon City ,my city It’s a community that the first activity is the agriculture and more of the 60% of the economy depends in agriculture and we need a lot of water to make this possibly , but one problem that we have in the community it’s that people don’t worry about water , people think that water will be always available , so they don’t care about water issues. Also we have several months without rain, and a few with lots of rains and when this happen the cities of the state suffer a lot of problems of infrastructure and this is in what I’m working in one project for the community about water harvesting and green infrastructure, by making the people worry about water and instead of see the rainy months as a problem, see the rain and water as an opportunity to benefit the community and making green infrastructure places. I have developed 5 sites in the city of water harvesting where the people can visit and learn how to make one in public and private spaces. I have been giving talks in universities, and high school about water harvesting and how to implement the sites in their homes.
Also in my community I belong to a Network Community named “Red Comunitaria Sonora” that lead all the nonprofit organizations in the state and we organize meeting where all the nonprofit organization assist and together we complement our activities to improve our environment and community.