Carlota Calvo

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Carlota Calvo Cotado

University of Zaragoza, Technische Universität München

I am passionate about

Since I was 19, I've been working for big corporations and I've realized working is a very important part of peoples lives. Not only because of the long hours we spend at the working place but also because it influences our mood the rest of the day.
Through travelling I've seen that in some countries it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether people work to live or they live to work. Not only do employees work during the weekend and have a short week of holidays per year, but they also live in their workplaces often having to pay great percentages of their salaries for that...
I believe prosperous jobs are key to prosperous lives and to world's progress.
Since July 2012 I'm working for Telefónica. My company is very engaged with this matter. On the one hand we, the employees, have team meetigs monthly to exchange views on what could be improved related to the working place, conditions and atmosphere. On the other hand through its Foundation, Telefonica helps communities in Latinoamerica get the means and training required to work more efficiently.
I'm a true believer that keeping employees happy is also the key to business success.
Being part of OYW and working for a Company which is really concerned about this matter too, I am determined to run projects in order to keep on having a positive impact on people's lives, relieving their work-related frustrations.


Having been educated in a catholic school which runs charity programs in underdeveloped places in all 5 continents, I am conscious of poverty problems since I was young. I've been contributing with the running of supporting campaigns from age 8.
Aa a student, I helped my colleagues understand school and university lessons and prepare for exams. I also gave support classes to children in need.
I've taken many courses abroad because I find exchanging viewpoints with people from from different cultures very enriching. I have the hability to emphasize with individuals, so usually even the most closed-minded and shy colleagues have opened-up with me and discovered the way of living of us, Europeans. I used to organize activities after the courses, so that everyone could meet in a more relaxed atmosphere. This has been very possitive to all of us, but it's been crucial to the colleagues coming from underdeveloped countries, changing lots of the aspects of their lives back home.
At university I used to help incoming erasmus students find a place and get to know Spanish people. I also promoted the exchange of study-plans through a dedicated platform hosted in the cloud and through dedicated sessions where people interested in studying in a university got advice from former erasmus students.
Having started as an Intern in Telefonica, together with over 400 colleagues, I was one of the promoters of weekly after-work meetings, very beneficial to our networking and success at work.