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Lauren Wittig

University of Maryland, College Park

I am passionate about

I am extremely passionate about sustainability. Ever since I was young, my parents instilled in me the importance of protecting and savoring the environment. I truly believe each of us can make a difference and it is not a choice, but rather, a necessity. It is absolutely vital that we do what we can to preserve our world and make it better than we found it for generations to come. There are so many ways that people can become involved in their every day life. The more we can educate and inspire people to act, the better off we all will be. In addition to sustainability in an environment/business/planet sense, I think it is equally important for individuals, ourselves. We live in an ever-changing, fast-paced, dynamic world, it is so vital we are in a good place emotionally, mentally, physically. Unilever works very closely with Tignum and I am so inspired by their model and structure around mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. In my professional and personal life I strive to practice sustainability internally and externally, as well as encourage others to do the same!


Unilever Brand (Project Sunlight, now Bright Future) aims to help consumers make a positive difference in their communities. My time on the team allowed me to learn about a variety of societal issues, consumer habits/behaviors, and options for impact and change in the US. We worked to take this valuable information and make it palatable for consumers in an easy and convenient way. Our programs ranged from hunger to recycling and everything in between and provided information and actions in a fun way for people to activate. Additionally I have participated in volunteering events in my community and have lead 2 community action days. Unilever Community Action Day happens every May and brings all employees together to make a difference. My first year I led a trip to Habitat for Humanity to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The second year I co-lead a trip to Rutgers Community Gardens to work with students in a sustainable garden. Finally, in my own personal initiative, Paint It Fwd, I have donated over $500 to multiple charities through donating art for social causes in the US. I am hoping to increase my impact further over the years to come!