Kaleigh Killoran

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Kaleigh Killoran

McGill University & The Richard Ivey School of Business

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about entrepreneurship. Many of the world’s challenges have to do with a lack of “access” to basic requirements for development (e.g. education and healthcare). I believe that entrepreneurship has the potential to bridge the gap between those who do and those who do not have such access, by mobilizing individual and community talents, skills and assets (rather than focusing on problems and needs) and fostering community-driven development rather than development driven by external agencies, which empowers individuals to take ownership of the development process.


I am the Leadership Development Program leader (a title that was create for me by the Executive Director of the Global Health Programs) and manage several global/cross functional teams aiming to tackle global health issues. Internationally the focus is on safe surgery and my biggest accomplishment was raising of $2,000,000 to expand a medical oxygen manufacturing and distribution business in East Africa. Domestically, the projects focus on access to primary care and addiction support. I am currently working with a startup aimed at tackling the opioid epidemic.

Previously, I was the Executive Director of the LEADER Project (Leading Education And Development in Emerging Regions), an overseas economic development program with a mandate of empowering promising entrepreneurs in frontier markets to envision, launch, and/or scale new ventures. The project aims to enable high-potential individuals to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities. It was my responsibility to recruit and train top PhD, MBA, and undergraduate business students in Canada to become coaches of entrepreneurship.

During my time as Executive Director we contributed to a self-sustaining ecosystem that cultivated independence by inspiring entrepreneurship and providing over 600 individuals with foundational skills and networks to capitalize on this potential and better their lives and the lives of their fellow community members.