Bernard Dingemans

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  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Master of science in Business Administration

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Current role

General Manager Matrix the Netherlands

Skills and Expertise

Market research

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Working with a diverse group of people and developing them to their full potential. Finding and developing the right indivuals to reach a maximum result on team level and a maximum indiviual satisfaction is what drives me and gives me energy. My passion for and interest in people in general goes beyond my job and the organisation. It's part of my every day life.


Organisation In my organisation I try to challenge the status quo every day. Entrepreneurship is one of the core competences of L'Oreal employees and in dynamic industry as FMCG the environment is changing rapidly. Our market has shrunk over the last years and therefore and important way to grow is by finding new business. Finding innovative, creative ways of identifying and convincing new business has been a crucial part of my job for the past 4 years. Besides that I'm always trying to invent new ways of making our business model leaner and more efficient to maximise result on the one hand and creating a great work envrionment on the other hand. Community and Country So far my help on country level has been restricted to my interest and involvement in local and national politics. One of the reasons Im looking forward to One Young World is to get inspired to help society in general with new, sustainable ways of thinking. During my student days I was actively involved in the daily management of our student society and initiated multiple events to support our students.