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Esther Marshall

University Of Leeds

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about equality. Everyone in this world is entitled to have the same rights be it education, safety, water or sanitation to name a few. The fact that so many people in this world do not have this is a travesty and one where the fight to solve this need to be fought harder to achieve.

I am also passionate about peace in this world. So much harm comes from the conflicts that occur in this world and I am an adamant believer that if we all looked inside ourselves and realised that so many religions are founded on the same peaceful and well meaning morals that we can all find common ground and make peace in this world.


In my organisation I have managed to convince senior stakeholders including the CEO and the Chief Sustainability Officer that safety for girls and women is integral to our Unilever Sustainable Living plan. I have been given £30,000 to set up a platform for women and girls both in our organisation and outside the organisation. We are looking to work with other NGO ands Sustainable businesses in order to roll this out. This has been an amazing project to work on. I have learned so many new skills and new areas of the business.

In my community I volunteer with underprivileged girls to help build their self esteem and help them achieve in life. These girls have come from families who have either neglected or abused them and they feel they are destined to fail in everything that they do. I spend a year with one girl individually on weeknights to build up her confidence and also spend time with a group of girls to help build their confidence and skills. I can clearly see the difference that it has made. For the first time in their lives they have someone who believes in them.