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Wilhelm Oddo

Kampala International University

I am passionate about

I am passionate about Education, Kids, Youth and environment. All is not well in Tanzanian, Studies show that youth are intensely affected by unemployment which is a challenge in the country and it needs collective efforts from various stakeholders to fight it. Most youth have no skills employable, the skills they have is not compatible with skills required in the job market. There is need to include skills in our education system to enable those graduating from school (Primary and Secondary) or college to go and create a jobs rather than wait to be employed.
To fight this I have to consider the fact that we are in the digital era where computer technology is taking over and information is treated as a capital and it is transformed freely and quickly. Our children and youth have to be prepared well since technology is everywhere, as for now ICT has been taken as an alternative and not a core subject, most of our engineers and scientist are exposed to computer when they are joining university of which it's too late for them. They stay three to four years in college learning different courses programming included, the education system is so fast and students don't get enough practical skills which makes them less competitive in the job market .


To help change the situation explained above, I have created a living lab called NiwezesheLab (NLab). NiwezesheLab is an initiative which teaches coding and entrepreneurship skills to kids and teens (between 10-19 years) of all abilities in Tanzania to promote early innovation and education for self reliance. I do this free of charge.
Teaching children coding, will enable them to blend logical and creative thoughts to solve problems in the community, and that is a skill which will benefit them in any career for we believe that Coding is the best form of brain exercise, Brain exercise is important when kids are young. This also will build confidence as well, when a young child realizes that they have the power to create something, it opens up a whole world of creative expression that would otherwise be closed to them.

Over the past four years, we’ve worked with over 200 young people in Tanzania with lots of our alumni now returning to mentor the next generation of young coders.
And this is What we do basically:
• We provides weekly ICT trainings ( Pre coding and coding skills ) and Entrepreneurship skills to both selected primary and secondary schools.
• We Organize coding festivals: The ‘Code Festival is a week-long celebration of young technology talent, bringing together coders aged 19 and under from all across the Tanzania escorted by their parent or guardians to build projects together which solve real world problems.
• Holiday camps: A six days camp for students to Think, Hack, Code, and Create solutions solving community issues
• Provides mentorship to all children’s innovations and help them to fundraise for their seed income for their startup. i.e VitabuOnline ( www.vitabuonline.com ), OurCandles, ShoutOutTz and ManunuziPrice.