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Indy Hothi

University of London

I am passionate about

I am extremely passionate about economics, business, the Arts and humanitarian work. I believe bringing together skills and expertise from a number of disciplines can help to add economic value to national communities and also help to make the world a better place.

As an economist for EY, I advise corporate and Government clients on a daily basis around the economic footprint of their operations and the potential impact & implications of policy changes at a national level.

As a passionate humanitarian, I believe we should help & support fellow humans in their time of need. As a result I have actively provided pro-bono support to charities & NGO to improve their finances, operations and define strategies to ensure they can continue to support people and provide a platform for others to get involved.

Bringing together the passion & vision of NGOs and execution/delivery of businesses is an area I will continue to focus upon.


Globally, as a trustee for an international humanitarian NGO (Khalsa Aid) which provides humanitarian aid in disaster and war zones, I have used my financial expertise & experience to provide value added support help grow the organisation and achieve its objectives (from auditing financial controls, developing long term strategic objectives to effectively partnering with Governments and the UN).

I have been actively involved in field projects in countries such as Bosnia, Haiti, Iraq and Syria. I coordinated earthquake relief efforts in Nepal leveraging experience from Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and led to Khalsa Aid leading projects with the national army, United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international charities (e.g. UNICEF, Save the Children etc.). This included building temporary housing for over 600 victims and serving over 1,000,000 hot meals to displaced victims over a 4 week period.

Recently, I was on the Croatia / Serbia border with Khalsa Aid and was working with the Red Cross to provide food, water and warm clothing to refugees from the Middle East.

Professionally, I lead a Diversity & Inclusiveness Network at Ernst & Young (EY) which helps to support EY’s leading D&I initiatives to create a more diverse workforce with an inclusive working culture. Some of the initiatives I have driven, including Graduate Insight Days to support students from black & minority ethnic backgrounds (BME’s) at a grass roots level. These programmes raise awareness of the graduate opportunities available in the finance sector and the benefits of a professional qualification such as the CA. The initiatives have been praised internally by EY and recognised by external organisations due to their success.