Hermella Woldehana

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  • Mekelle University
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Mandela Washington fellowship for young african leaders

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Drop of water

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Co-Founder and General Manager

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I have shown nonstop determination,commitment and innovation in leading my own local NGO. I am passionate about working with youth voluteers because it has always been a rewarding experience that pushes me forward to dream big with unspeakable energy. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead When you work with youth CHANGE is inevitable. I am so much engaged with helping the forgotten parts of my communities having access to clean water supply. Clean water is something we all took for granted and yet millions are dying everyday lacking it. I want to make lack of access to clean water supply a history not to remember for.I love to see every community enjoying clean water something basic for life. I aspire to create the largest platform for African university youth to come together and network for African development and change. I believe the youth is the change agent for the change we all aspire to see.


As a student I always took for granted access to clean water.It was impossible for me to envision that so many Ethiopians were deprived of clean water. But as I traveled around and observed people fighting over unclean water,I changed my mind into thinking that it is possible and it is happening.I started an initiative for promoting clean water supply to Mekelle University.Clean water was a privilege that I always had in my life. I never thought that this initiative would turn in the establishment of my own NGO :Help for a Drop of Water(Now DOW) in April of 2009. I have always believed it is a priviledge for the youth to give something back to their community and i am proud i created that platform through DOW. DOW has been a bridge between rural communities and university youth students. I took the volunteer culture of my country into next level.I created largest platform where more than 3000 vounteers participate to give something for the community and engage in different community service works.