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Charles Lipenga

University of Malawi

I am passionate about

I am a 26 year old Award winning graduate Architect from Malawi, he is also the 2014 Future Africa Leaders Award winner and the 2015 Driver of Change awardee. The Co-founder of the award winning “Maestros Leadership Company”
I am so passionate about young people, education, the vulnerable, poverty stricken, equality, child and women empowerment activities.
Growing up in the so called “The poorest country in the world”, I just had to make a difference. In 2009, I took a stand in my nation to bring change. Through my campaign, I have raised a team of 3700+ highly motivated young adults and 7500+ teens across Africa in 21 countries, so far reaching out to 41 800 people on different levels.

Apart from raising leaders, some of the projects include
a. Awarding business start-up for young entrepreneurs.
b. Provision of sanitary pads in 30 schools for our young girls,
c. paying fees for 400+ needy students under Maestros scholarship,
d. Promoting and funding business start-ups to 500+ women in villages.

Growing up, my team and I realized, our lives are not for us, there are God to use us in uplifting the lives of other people. I believe true success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality. So we invested in ourselves and now we invest in the lives of young people, for their future, the future of Africa and the world.

Looking at the future of the world; Africa must play a significant role in the development of the political, socio-economic change and environmental preservation, but we can’t assume that will just happen. As foreign is assisting many, it has also crippled many to high hazardous levels of dependency.

My vision is to develop and equip leaders across the globe who make a difference in their societies through selfless service, creating an environment that is suitable for growth and long-term development for their generation and generations to come.


My National transformative approach was geared up in 2013, after I saw the results from the survey by The National statistics board of Malawi
• 65% of Malawians are 40years of age or younger
• 9.55 of Malawians have access to piped water
• 9.3% of Malawians have access to electricity
• 78% of Malawians, only have primary school education or less
I started constantly seeking for ways to reach out to the youth of in Africa with the aim of inspiring them for success in spite of all odds. Apart from raising 7500+ young leaders, I adopted 144 street kids; This let to my winning the 2015 Drivers of Change award and The 2014 Future Africa Leaders Award in Lagos, Nigeria.

a) 20, 000 primary students Under Maestros Primary school project with Mentorship Programs, Free Maestros exercise books and free Uniforms
b) 12, 000 secondary students under Project Inspired Campaign with our mentorship programs
c) 3000 Girls under Care for our girls Campaign in 30 secondary schools with Menstrual hygiene trainings and free re-usable sanitary towels
d) 3000 Youths across Africa through online conferences
e) 2000 College students under 2015 MIAG (Maestros International Annual Gathering)
f) 500 Women in the rural communities under Maestros Village Banking (MAVIBA)
g) 350 young people under Maestros Academy and scholarship program
h) 258 Teachers under Maestros Academy – The aim of The Teachers Training is to examine and implement the concept of leadership in the light of administration and management of organizations such as schools so as to achieve educational goals excellently since the success of any organization depends largely on effective administrative procedures and sound leadership.
Through this training, we offer pedagogical leadership principles with specific objectives that the administrator such as the school Head Teacher sets out to achieve both in the short and long-term in the course of running the affairs of an organization.