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Luke Davies

Newcastle, Institute of Financial Studies

I am passionate about

The notion of inclusive growth and shared value is multifaceted and has financial inclusion as one of its founding pillars. Financial inclusion and its lack of global understanding in the developing world is rapidly becoming a major worldwide issue. For sustained and all-encompassing development to flourish, deeper innovation and judgment is needed to safeguard that suitable financial services are created for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable groups. Financial inclusion should encompass a range of initiatives, driven by the financial sector and including banks. The delivery of appropriate financing that is available and affordable to low-income households and those groups conventionally omitted from the formal financial sector is crucial. Financial inclusion of the unbanked masses is a critical step that requires political will, bureaucratic support and private financial services engagement – the concept of shared value is so key here. And banks should seize this opportunity, especially in Africa. Banks should take more concrete and definite steps in providing mobile and cashless solutions for customers across the continent in order to uplift financial inclusion. There are several large, mobile network operators that are pushing to do business with banks. Banks should provide banking platforms behind a range of mobile and cashless products that will give markets access to millions of unbanked Africans across the continent and create a ground-breaking, worldwide shared value proposition.


I work in an international business and I focus on promoting Barclays’ capabilities in Africa. I see myself as an international banker, keen to explore the world and its problems through the eyes of commerciality, which benefits all. My father was born and raised in Uganda and having visited and worked on the continent countless times, I have a determination to do right by the developing world. In my three years in international banking I understand the importance of shared value, having worked directly with a range of Global Corporates and innovative Financial Technology (FinTech) companies. In my current role I work with a wide range of FinTech companies who have a focus on Africa and whilst doing business with these clients, we are affecting the change needed in financial inclusion, but we have only touched the surface. I have innovative ideas in how to grow mobile and cashless banking business in Africa. I need to be at this summit to gain valuable contacts and bring back even more passion and desire to drive the correct kind of growth in these markets that desperately need our expertise. Being at the summit will make this happen, through my experienced networking skills, unrelenting drive for financial inclusion and a sharp eye on the important commerciality pillar in shared growth.