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Harriet Read

King's College London

I am passionate about

Ericsson currently does a lot of work connecting remote villages in developing countries through schemes like Connect to Learn. Through connectivity Ericsson has helped provide the tools for Education in these remote places. Having received a fantastic education I am passionate about bringing education to all, and helping to provide equal opportunities in Education. And it is not only limited to developing countries. I have been involved in a number of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability projects in Ericsson where Education and work experience is at the heart, and have felt thoroughly rewarded to see how education and learning opportunities can have such a major impact on young people's lives. I feel big companies like Ericsson can do, and are doing, so much to help, and it is one of the reasons I am extremely proud to work for Ericsson. I would like to continue my involvement with such activities and do more to promote the importance of Education and how the ICT industry can be a key player in bringing education to all.


After one young world Bangkok, I volunteered as a mentor to disadvantaged kids in my local community. The school they attend is one of the poorest in Portsmouth, and although in a developed country they're still marginalised. As a mentor I've been coaching and advising on their school subjects; exams; being someone who listens etc. it's been extremely rewarding. wWhin ericsson I'm currently setting up virtual mentoring programs with ericsson and universities in my region. looking in particular at supporting women into technology. I am also working with my local corporate and social responsibility department to develop my virtual mentoring program further to take it globally and externally with marginalised communities, connecting it with some of Ericsson's other Education platforms we already have set up. I have also been an ambassador for my company at a number of Girls in Education and Women in Technology events, talking about the power of diversity within Multinational companies and equality within the workplace.