Yolanda Joab

Country representing

Micronesia, Federated States of




  • College of Micronesia, Harvard University(current)
  • AA Degree, currently pursuing BA

Current organisation

Island PRIDE (Promoting Resilience through Involvement, Development & Education)

Current role

Founder & Executive Director

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Project management

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


I believe there has been a lot of positive results from our work. I say 'our' because I do not credit just myself for the achievements. I have a great team. I co-lead the scale of our program from a small 6 school pilot project in just one island to a robust 50 school program across 8 islands in 2 different countries. Through our program we've taught over ten thousand students and have the test results to show their learning and the numbers are growing. We've organized and empowered dozens of communities in all the islands we serve to take matters into their own hands and develop their own community action plans and then most importantly- act on it. These resulted in a sea walls being erected in the islands of Kosrae and Pohnpei. Rainwater harvesting systems being installed in various schools. Solar panels being installed into schools without reliable power. And clean water and sanitation being rejuvenated at one of the most under-served schools in Chuuk. We've brought all these physical mitigation projects to life by harvesting the local knowledge from the people who knows their communities best.