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Kian Bakhtiari

University of Leicester
Marketing and Communication
Public Speaking / Pitching
Social Entrepreneurship
Strategic Planning

I am passionate about

I was born in Iran and raised in London. Statistically speaking, my life should have taken a different turn. But I was lucky enough to have some doors open for me just in time. Sadly, most of the world’s population will never get the life chances that I did.
All humans are equal; opportunity is the only thing that separates us. Creative inequality results in a waste of talent, resources and potential solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. That’s why I’m passionate about using the power of creativity to shine a light on social inequality.


I’m the founder of The People an award-winning youth culture consultancy. We help bridge the gap between brands and young people. The People is powered by a global community of 150+ young creators and change-makers. Our mission is to improve the life chances of young people by giving them access to creative opportunities. In doing so, we also help future proof ambitious brands committed to creating with, not for young people. To date, we’ve worked with Adidas, United Nations and the BBC. I’m also an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum and Forbes CMO Network.