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Eldine Chilembo Glees

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

I am passionate about

Shipping, like most of the transportation industry is predominantly male. It is also one of the most invisible sectors. Women make up to only 2 percent of seafarers worldwide and it remains a challenge to promote their employment and participation. Most women who have dared to venture into this industry have to overcome a number of challenges with harassment at the top. Not everyone has a courage to find their voice and speak out against marginalization in the work place. I have made it a calling to be that voice - tirelessly promoting the participation, empowerment and parity for women in male dominated sectors. Only through programs that educate, implement and change policies that have long suppressed women’s rights, can we move forward.

My focus is promoting the participation and engagement of women in the maritime sector in Angola. My vision is to strengthen employment conditions for women within the transport sector through training methodologies, best practices and policy options that enhance opportunities and mitigate barriers facing women in transportation.


The struggles for women’s rights have been long running. We have made so many breakthroughs in the recent years and will continue to hope for more progress. The United Nations SDGs are an example of that hope. They focus on the vision that so many women continue to fight for. I believe that empowering women is all about giving them a chance to rise up to excellence. I want to encourage more women to take up that challenge and step up to greatness.

I am actively involved in women in maritime associations where I promote networking opportunities for women. I am also a Global Youth Ambassodor for AWAS - A World At School and an Ashoka changemakers scholar. As a Mandela Washington Fellowship alumni, I have committed to giving back to my community, the valuable lesson, insight and skills I acquired from the Young African leaders initiative. I do this though partnership with local organisations and women group, by reaching out to social media through various blogs and by encouraging dialogue around difficult issues and topics. An example is my recent post in support of a #ChooseDignity campaign against sexual harassment. http://smartwomanug.tumblr.com/post/141028014919/it-happened-to-me-too