Wasim Abu Salem

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  • The university of Haifa, Stanford University, Montana State university
  • LLB [Law] + BSC [Computer Science]
  • Business, Leadership Classes and workshops

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Current role

Entrepreneur | Lawyer - Cyber Security consultant | Software engineer | Motivational speaker | Founder & CEO at Loop

Skills and Expertise

Information technology
Project management
Social work

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Since I was a kid I was interested in new ways of education and modern attitudes, as a 10 years old who was also interested in coding and computer science I knew that I should give the opportunity to every kid in my community to learn coding and computer science at early age as I did. My passion to this goal led me to attend the university and finish successfully a unique dual degree program of Computer Science and Law being the first Arab citizen in Israel to do so. Since that day, and after practicing Law and working as a computer engineer I have started a social initiative giving every school kid the opportunity to learn Coding at early age; offering mentors to help the next generation. Loop (www.loop.org.il) was chosen by the U.S. State Department as one of the 100 promising initiatives worldwide, giving me a chance to travel to the U.S and developing the project plan. Besides - Loop was selected by several global organizations and awarded by well recognized institutes. I believe that using technology, we can redefine education, using a valuable set of tools and a new modern way of education we can offer the children a new key to success through innovation; these children will build a better future and find the right solutions for the world after receiving the help and directions by the mentors of Loop.


Since 2015, Loop reached 6000+ students (Age 7-18) Loop offers every student in every school the opportunity to learn coding through special mentorship-based programs and personalized learning approaches. Loop is the first initiative in the country taking this field into a new phase where creativity flows, team work skills get a new meaning and a huge impact on the participants and the whole community; affecting in the short and far terms! In addition - I gave different lectures and talk to 3000+ people in my community.