Rainier Mallol Cotes

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Dominican Republic




  • Singularity University in NASA Ames Research Park
  • Graduate Studies Program Alumni

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Data analysis
Information technology

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Human Rights

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I've helped create positive change in Brazil, Malaysia and in my country, by creating an epidemiological system that leverages exponential technologies. In AIME (http://aime.life/), we are building a disease prediction mobile platform, utilizing artificial intelligence capabilities to predict Dengue and Zika outbreaks up to 3 months in advance and geolocating them up to a 400 meter radius. Our prediction model has a field tested accuracy of 88.7%, tested in 2 states in Malaysia and in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We now plan to incorporate the model into smart phones, informing people of zones with high risk of infection, and acquiring data from our users to strengthen the mathematical model. The platform will not only provide the public with scientifically accurate information, but also decision makers in the public health sector, for which we plan to design specific interfaces so these authorities could use the information to take informed decisions. Traction: - We went to Rio de Janeiro and did a pilot, which was successful, getting 84.11% accuracy in our model. The pilot also enabled us to forge relationships with the government of Brazil. - We are doing a pilot this time directly with the government of Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a successful implementation of it, we will be hired by them. Competitions: - Best Health Startup, PitchGov SP (Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Forbes Top 40 World Changers (International) - ChannelNewsAsia Top 8 Startups (Southeast Asia) Media Attention: - We are one of the stars of a Reality TV Show focused on Startups in Singapore. It will be broadcasted in the entire of Asia. Link: http://startup.channelnewsasia.com/s03/finalists - We've caught the attention of a lot of people, including Forbes, UNICEF, Startup Daily and more. Find all them here: http://www.aime.life/Page/get/12