Bal Kama

Country representing

Papua New Guinea


Pidgin English


  • University of Canberra
  • Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)

Current organisation

Australia National University College of Law

Current role

PhD in Law candidate

Skills and Expertise

International relations

Areas of interest

Human Rights

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I am passionate about


In founding Kama Scholars Foundation (KSF) – I have been able to facilitate and create positive change to many individuals, families and communities in PNG. Overall, KSF has been instrumental in creating opportunities for children, young people and community members, including socially marginalised groups, through programs that promote inclusivity and empowerment in education, health and justice throughout Papua New Guinea. KSF is a grassroots initiative that empowers disadvantaged young people. The initiative works in the Gumine District in the Simbu Province of PNG, which has a population of 42,000 people. KSF provides scholarships for school children in remote villages and advocates education for young girls, conducts health awareness on hygiene and lifestyle, and empowers disadvantaged youths to escape drugs, crimes and other social challenges. Since 2013, KSF has provided 56 scholarships to young people from remote villages that are all currently undertaking studies in high schools. This has been critical in alleviating the often-burdening cost of education on their parents and allowing students to concentrate on their studies. The foundation has also organised volunteer placements for Australian medical students in rural communities in PNG.