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Cedric Pacific Zouade Ouangolo

Sikkim Manipal University

I am passionate about

My personal life vision due to the environment in which I grew up, developed in me a great desire for effecting social change. I am most passionate about children and youth community development, specifically equal access to quality education and opportunities for children and youth, who have been exposed to war. My organization, Action Secours & Espoir provides basic education to those living in refugee camps, as well as healthcare, art therapy, after-school classes or tutoring for secondary school students, and general youth empowerment. I am also engaged into Youths and the challenges of Leadership in Africa. Through a program i have promoted "Friend of Excellency" which promotes excellence and achievement in youth by creating a national prize for social innovation, we hope to reeducate youths to the culture of excellency and merit in order to get them more engaged into major challenges my country Central African Republic is facing. With all of the conflict and violence in my country, youth are looking for a leader on whom they can rely. In the long-term, I want to be the new leader in my country, on whom the people can rely.


Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders program initiated by President Obama i attended in United States, to create partnerships with other organizations, both local and international and inspire youth in my community. Specifically, last year, we set up a project called "Nuggets of Peace" in which we advocated communities in every district in Bangui to collaborate with local mayors on the importance of peace in community development--especially in order to reduce social stress, and conflict among Christians and Muslims. After my participation to One Young World 2015, i have promoted an interesting project called " Citizenship Journey", which promotes Entrepreneurship and Environmental Education in youth by creating training session for 50 youth involved into war issues whereby 10 are retained for the practical phase which is the implementation of hen-house in every "Nuggets of Peace" we sat up in all (8) district of Bangui year ago.
As a member of UASCA (the Union of former seminarists) i continue my work as volunteer in community meeting gathering local authorities, representative of religious communities, and members of youth associations and retailers to discuss issues about conflict resolution. In addition, I have promoted a project called "Friends of Excellence", which promotes excellence and achievement in youth by creating a national prize for social innovation. Also, as a One Young World 2015 ambassador i continue my work in youth empowerment whereby i trained youth association leaders on Understanding Climate Change in order to help them being concerned and address global issues in our world.