Carlos Cuinica

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Carlos Ernesto Cuinica

Catholic University of Mozambique

I am passionate about

I have been committing myself in doing everything to create positive changes in my community, in order to contribute for faster development of my Country (Mozambique). Mozambique is a country that have a potential to become a very strong economy in Africa and in worldwide, but it still in the list of poorest countries of the world, while has resources and 60% of total population are youth.
I support the meaningful involvement of Young people in sustainable development programs because young people has power and a lot of energy to give; they are also very active and still have creative ideas and initiatives that are crucial to draft good programs and implement them to make positive impact in communities, overcoming the real problems faced by people. I also support the empowerment of girls and their involvement in development programs because they are always left behind, while they have potential and intelligence to contribute actively for the social development of community, they just need opportunity to show their capacity.
I am working to ensure that boys and girls have full exercise of their rights and get the same opportunities to be empowered and involved in development programs, so that they can contribute for the sustainable development of our country, and be aware on their rule as change makers.


I have been involved in social activities and voluntarism as Social Activist for 9 years. First I was member of Instituto Industrial Student Core and later I joined COALIZÃO , during this time of activism I have been involved in various activities in areas of Youth development (Gender equity, advocacy for youth empowerment and participation, promotion of Sexual and reproductive rights, promotion of entrepreneurship and promotion of development agendas such as: MDG and new SGD, African Youth Chapter). I am currently working with vulnerable girls aged 10 to 19 years old that are in high risk to early marriage and teenager pregnant, where we support them to develop their skills and make their awareness on their rights and be empowered to raise up their voices to have full exercise and protection of their rights, in this program we use mentor-ship to develop their skills, and we support their reintegration and maintenance in school. I am also in a program that intends to advocate for the meaningful involvement of young people in programs of development, in Universal Periodic Review, among others. I work with religious leaders to involve then in protection of the rights of children and young girls. As member of African Youth Panel and Youth African Leaders Forum (YALF), I promote the active participation of Young people in Development of Africa. I was part of the stream committee to establish the SADC Youth Body a platform that will enable young people across SADC being more involved and engaged in SADC development activities to faster the development of the Region.