Tevin Shepherd

Country representing

Saint Lucia




  • Monroe College
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology

Current organisation

Saint Lucia National Youth Council

Current role

2nd Vice President

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Human rights
Public policy
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am a social entrepreneur, a community activist and an exceptional youth leader who has played an integral role in the development of the youth and students’ movements in Saint Lucia and in the wider Caribbean. My work in development has gained recognition by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll—where on December 8th, 2015 I was selected to receive the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader Award. I was also selected as a finalist for The Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development and in 2014 the Government of Saint Lucia recognized me as the most outstanding Youth of the Year for 2013. I am the 2nd Vice President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council and the United Nations Development Programme Caribbean Youth Think Tank Representative from Saint Lucia. I have a deep rooted passion for community and youth development. Through my work, I have demonstrated an appreciation for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals adopted in September 2015 to end poverty, extend the reach of quality education and ensure prosperity for all. My work is geared towards creating the space for young people to be agents of change and peace. This can be seen through the establishment of The Mario Michel-NYC Education Fund in September 2015 I spearheaded. The fund provides scholarships for underprivileged youth; who have made a contribution to social development. As highlighted during my presentation of the Youth Address at Saint Lucia's 37 Independence Rally- "The opportunity is ours to be the architect of our nation’s wealth, not wealth through money, but through the prosperity of a people.” I have lived by this quote and do what I can to change lives.


As the 2nd Vice President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council, I have pioneered a number of national and community programmes targeted at youth in Saint Lucia and across the Caribbean region. With the support of a team of volunteers, I’ve been able to revive over 80% of students’ councils around the island in over 20 secondary schools in Saint Lucia. This is an outstanding achievement as it fosters a democratic culture in schools and exposes students to governance and promote peace building. Additionally, I’ve been able to implement an education fund to support underprivileged youth who have made a contribution to social development attain a tertiary level education. In my community, the statistically poorest community in Saint Lucia, I was the President of a community organization, ProjectCan. The organization has trained youth in entrepreneurship and heritage tourism to be able to become financially independent. The organization also worked with other partners and created employment for one youth to work in the hospitality/tourism industry in Saint Lucia. Crime has become one of the main challenges threatening economies and livelihoods in Caribbean countries, according to UNDP’s Caribbean Human Development Report. In an effort to combat this daunting issue, in November 2015, I volunteered with the United Nations Development Programme Barbados and the OECS Office to implement the regional SocialInnov4Change project in Saint Lucia. I was primarily responsible for mobilizing youth to attend the event and locally organize the logistics of the forum. The SocialInno4Change project has trained over 70 youth in ideation and, formulation of novel concepts relating to crime and violence prevention. At the end of the training, 6 groups received $2,000USD grants to implement their innovative solutions.