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Franz George

University of the West Indies, Mona

I am passionate about

I am passionate about change, especially through the fulfillment of the social development goals, fueled by good leadership and governance, strong advocacy and activism, well developed policies, and well delivered philanthropy. However I am most passionate about seeing young people take the lead in these areas, especially at the national, regional and international levels. I believe that the youth bring a much needed vigor and a much different perspective that can be key to solving some of the world’s biggest issues. I strongly believe that the youth must be engaged in the process of positive change from this present day, especially since they have a sense of courage, daringness, innovation & willingness that older folks may not possess.
I have been involved in student leadership and activism through the Young Leaders Progamme, at my high school in my homeland St. Vincent, and the Student Guild at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica where I am currently studying. I became engaged in these activities because I saw them as avenues where I could make positive change towards fulfilling SDG 4, Quality Education and helps students obtain a better quality of education than what was being offered at the time. Currently I am involved in youth leadership by being part of the Commonwealth Youth Council’s (CYC) Caribbean and Americas Committee, and also by working with the National Integrity Action, a branch of Transparency International in Jamaica. I have been involved with the CYC because I see it as an organization that can help me to create opportunities for my fellow youth to participate in numerous initiatives that will help their growth but also voice their concerns. On the other hand I have been involved with NIA because it helps to fulfill SDG 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in leadership; values that I strongly believe in.


In high school in St. Vincent, through the Young Leaders Prorgram I was involved community projects such as a mentorship program for primary school children, an anti-violence march in the capital of Kingstown, & a health & wellness campaign. Since studying at University of the West Indies Mona, in Jamaica, I served on the Student Guild from 2013 to 2015 as a Faculty Rep then as Vice President. There I advocated for better conditions & better quality education for students. A notable achievement was getting policy passed which allowed over 1000 students, who were having financial difficulties, to sit their exams & pay their fees at a later date, instead of being deregistered.
In early 2015 I joined the National Integrity Action (NIA) in Jamaica, anti-corruption NGO. I’ve worked with other youth in NIA to cofound the NIA’s youth arm, the Integrity Action Movement (IAM). The IAM now has over 100 members & has worked in promoting transparency, accountability & integrity among fellow youth. The IAM has allowed the NIA to have a more youthful appeal & reach youth more effectively. In late 2015 & early 2016, through documentary showings, I worked with the IAM to engage over 700 young people about how they can help to improve their society by fighting corruption. In early 2017, I worked with the IAM to reach over 300 youth across Kingston, in a school tour that empowered them stand up for integrity. In early 2016 I was appointed to the Commonwealth Youth Council’s Caribbean & Americas Standing Committee, as the country rep for my home country St. Vincent ,as well as Dominica & St. Lucia. In this capacity I’ve led assessments of youth work, & I’m currently helping to coordinate a campaign focused on empowering persons with disabilities, in those countries. In 2016 along with other youth leaders I formed the Hands and Hearts for Haiti Initiative, served as its PRO & helped to raise approx $1,000.00 US in cash & kind that was sent to Haiti as Hurricane Matthew relief.