Betty Barkha

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  • Osmania University
  • MA Sociology

Current organisation

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

Current role

Executive Assistant

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Community management
Human rights
Project management
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

The key issue in enhancing engagement in the Asia-Pacific region is understanding inequalities and addressing them through a framework that empowers justice and development equally. I firmly believe a new framework for change could be the solution to many issues we face globally. Inequality is so high currently that it threatens the very existence of people from small island developing nations (SIDS). I believe a new Development Justice framework could be the solution to many challenges we face globally. Movements have evolved and change is eminent, however we need people to understand exactly the causes and be able to ensure sustainability of such action. Governments in the Pacific have been extremely welcoming to new models of change and I believe in introducing such concepts we will be able to enable global movements. The climate movement in the Pacific that strongly advocates for climate justice has been recognized and Pacific nations have taken lead in global actions. Progress has been tremendous in the Asia-Pacific region, however there is much that needs to be done. I strongly feel that education on the implications of the growing inequality and its impacts on developing nations will bring forth a regional revolution. Something that gives me great hope is knowing that young people are on the fore front of most actions and this is very assuring, knowing that change is possible gradually.


As the youngest board member with international civil society (AWID: Association for Women's Rights in Development) looking at developing tools for global action and capacity development. Having access to such global spaces which rarely have young women on governance is incredibly powerful in the long term. I believe being engaged in global decision making spaces such as above have enable me to critically analyse strategies and be able to ensure that young people are equally involved in the process. The extensive outreach of regional and global organisations in igniting action and just basic dissemination has been extremely powerful and impacts are clear in many instances. Additionally, I have recently become involved in the growing progressive religious movement globally that has been advocating for social change, especially in terms of climate action. I believe we need to be able to utilize as many tools of dissemination possible to bring to attention what development justice means and the implications of global inequality on the global south. I am currently in a space with access to a number of regional and global organisation and I believe in sharing best practices across spaces for enhanced action.