Farida Asgarzade

Country representing





  • Baku State University/International Relations Azerbaijan State University of Economics/MBA

Current organisation

HUMAN Foundation

Current role

Lecturer ; Founder of "HUMAN Foundation" ; Founder and CEO of "ProfRoom"

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
International relations
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about


Currently, I am an international laureate of the first degree in piano. I have represented my country multiple times in international competitions and events representing the national colors as well as the inclination, talent and love of our people towards music. From the international relations perspective the development of cultural affairs of the countries is crucially important for in the foreign policy of any given state. In addition, since 2013 I became the director and editor in chief of the website "Belief and Hope" where our main goal is to find people with disabilities who have an artistic talent and promote them in our web page by writing articles about them and encouraging their performance. In a year and a half time the project had massive results: it was a huge motivation for those who were not confident about themselves and had social fears and anxieties to perform in front of people. Moreover, I was one of the organizers of the bowling championship among disabled people in Azerbaijan. Until 2016 I participated in 3 Model United Nations events; EMIMUN ( Emirates International MUN) in Dubai, MIMUN ( Moscow International MUN) in Moscow and in VIMUN ( Vienna International MUN) in Vienna that inspired me to participate bigger and more influential projects that could lead to cooperation with HUMAN Foundation as well as gain the experience in this field. This kind of activity helped me to represent our country abroad multiple times and to have an impact on the understanding of the youth belonging to different nations about Azerbaijan.