Kwehangana Hamza

Country representing





  • Sikkim Manipal University India - Distance Learning (Uganda Learning Centre)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology (a 3yr study program)
  • Diploma in Media Designing & Printing Technology

Current organisation

African Art Innovations Ltd

Current role

Bussiness Development Manager

Skills and Expertise

Information technology
Web development
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

Inspiring others and being inspired by what other youths do both formally or informally through art and technology. This has earned me a great deal of knowledge by simply participating in group talks, meetings, personal development and one on one sharing that has made me what I am today since its two way learning. Besides being a co founder of African Art Innovations Ltd (, I am the chairman, Gain Confidence Africa ( a civil society and not for profit organization whose focus is to build a self-condiment destined generation of youths who will face tomorrow’s challenges as opportunities. My role is to supervise and coordinate administrative work, preside over meetings, field work including inspiring young people in the communities, schools, and organisations where we regularly carry out motivational and inspirational sessions with hands-on experience. Besides, i am also responsible for ensuring a smooth running of the organization. With this, i have acquired leadership and managerial skills. Daily management of company projects at African Art Innovations Ltd, like meeting new clients, initiating new ideas and meeting colleagues at Gain Confidence Africa to discuss the way forward on young people and youth empowerment. In the interest to explore and learn more about African Art, Cultures and Languages, I have had the benefit of tour and travel in almost the entire East African Region and partly in Europe and this has enabled me to appreciate cultures, customs, and traditions.


As African Art Innovations Ltd, we own a subsidiary called Gorilla Arts Africa (, This is an online store with a mission to enable the world and our localities realise the feasibility and viability of African Handmade Arts, Crafts and Ceramics products. We encourage, connect and train unemployed enthusiastic and passionate youths in my community. We buy and sell beautiful arts, crafts and ceramics handcrafted by our locally trained artists and artisans. Our online store makes us different from our competitors and enables us reach a bigger market scope both locally and globally. The need to exploit the wide and unlimited market for the handmade African Arts, Crafts and Ceramic products, Gorilla Arts Africa as may not so be many other businesses that deal in same products, we aim at exploring talents in young unemployed passionate artists and artisans within and around our community hence curbing the rampant youth unemployment. Being a member of a charitable organisation Gain Confidence Africa, i have been in position to inspire, encourage and speak to thousands of youths, students and young people on the various events, sessions we carry out on a weekly basis in schools and communities where we have been invited. My theme has always been, "We Have To Build The Africa We Want to Live and See Tomorrow."