Abhinav Khanal

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  • Earlham College
  • B.A

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Bean Voyage

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Climate change
Social entrepreneurship
Strategic planning

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Sustainable Development

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I am most passionate about sustainable development and the ways in which it can be achieved through community-owned projects in communities around the world. As the Co-founder of Bean Voyage, which is a venture that supports women coffee farmers in communities around the world, I have worked closely with community members in rural parts of Costa Rica. Through my experience, I have learned how projects that are centered around the interests of the community are more successful and effective in achieving various objectives of development. In order to achieve such results, however, it is important to ensure that all members of the community are engaged in the process of project planning, from ideation to implementation. I am also passionate about the intersection between environmental protection and economic growth, and how both of these could be achieved without sacrificing the other. Finally, I am passionate about the role of entrepreneurship in promoting creative solutions for social change. As an entrepreneur, I have learned about the ways in which complex world issues can be resolves through innovation. The reason behind these passions of mine is due to my academic and personal background. As a politics and economics double major, I have been exposed to challenges for sustainable development and the various ways in which entrepreneurship can help bring about change to solve some of these challenges.


As the Co-founder of Bean Voyage, my key role is to look at the big picture of the organization and formulate strategies that can help us achieve some of these goals. A big part of my work with Bean Voyage is ensuring that we can conduct enough research into the communities that we are supporting, and engaging in a dialogue with various women coffee farmers so that we understand the challenges they face while working in this industry of coffee farming. In addition, due to my skills in leadership development, I have facilitated various workshops in rural communities in Costa Rica for young members of the community, catered towards self-empowerment and leadership building. This helped our work in Bean Voyage, as it allowed for us to create a relationship of trust with community members and helped us understand various socio-economic issues from the locals. Furthermore, in the past, I have worked as a community activist in my country Nepal, where I advocated on issues of climate change, education and human rights for underrepresented and underserved communities in the country. During my leadership of the organization, 1 Degree Initiative, I was engaged in various social programs, such as environmental rallies, to the school-to-school presentation and awareness raising.