Balazs Nemethi

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  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Technical University of Delft (TUDelft)
  • Bechelor and Master of Architecture
  • Sailing as member of the national team for 5 years, ICT certificates, several small startup ventures

Current organisation

Taqanu Bank

Current role

CEO and founder of Taqanu Bank

Skills and Expertise

Graphic design
Information technology

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Currently our company`s goal is all of my passion and focus. Taqanu is a bank made for people without fixed address. We envision an open banking solution that will leverage the latest technological advances in order to grant access to Europe’s financial system. And while the traditional system operates on a KYC policy that disqualifies most of these immigrants, we believe that banking services should be as easily accessible as an email account. To make this vision a reality, we aim to provide limited but fully operational debit cards and checking accounts for anyone in need of such a service, regardless of residency status or available documentation. The system will be built on blockchain and delivered through mobile, and will make the process of relocating and integrating into a new society much, much easier. Furthermore, the system can act as a registry that will help to provide background information to the governments. And once an individual has received documentation in their new country of residence, they can then have the option of upgrading these starter accounts into conventional bank accounts. Since the inception of the project, we have thus far focused on solving two main problems: banking regulations (which we of course must adhere to) and credibility, since banks are based on trust from the customers. We’ve gained significant knowledge in this area, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We understand that this is a large vision, and that a fundamental change to the way bank accounts are established cannot be achieved overnight. It is a vision that will require the cooperation of many parties with varied areas of skill and expertise. But there has never been a better time or a greater need to make this change, and we already started to build the team that will take on this significant issue.


I have been a main organizer and one of the founders of the Hungary centered Central European Startup Awards ( ) where our mission was to create an award giving show without a conference and booths and the "money making machine" solely to bring together the most important people in startups in the region and let them meet and celebrate the startup community and each other. We have been busy to involve all 8+ countries that are involved in the CEE region to have as big of an impact as we can have. For the first event in 2014 we have received over a 1000 application in 6 categories and since these number just grew. As a rule we set that each year the conference have to be organized in a different country. The organization have grown from one conference to multiple events across the globe Nordic, India, Asia - awards. I am also a member of an organization called Global Shapers (founded by the World Economic Forum) where people with exceptional background got the opportunity to work together and create a localized impact in their community. As a member of the Budapest Hub our focus on constant education and bringing the gender gap to be seen and talked about within millenials and younger.